SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card


The SVB Jewellery digital gift card is meant for those who want to make a special and personalized gift. It is perfect for any occasion.
It is an excellent solution if you want to give a ring as a gift and you do not know the exact size of the person who will receive it.

By giving an SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card you will receive a 5% discount coupon for your next purchase!

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Who are the ideal people to give an SVB jewel to?

Men and women who love unique jewelry and accessories
– People with whom you have a special bond with
Spiritual people

The peculiarity of SVB jewels is that you can customize them to your taste and enclose a personal and special meaning in them.
With the SVB Digital Gift Card you will therefore be giving away not just a jewel, but a real talisman.
Whoever receives the gift cannot help but think of you every time they wear it.

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How does the SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card work

It is valid only for online purchases at for all SVB Jewellery.

  1. Choose the amount from those available
  2. Choose from our images the one you like best
  3. Enter your name and a personalized message
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address

The recipient will receive the SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card with the discount code and your message directly in their inbox.
Otherwise you can enter your email address, instead of the recipient’s one, to print the SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card at your home and deliver it in person.

How can the recipient use the SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card?

Once received, the recipient will have to choose one or more jewels on the website and add them to the cart.
Before proceeding with the purchase, he/she must enter the gift card code to redeem its value.

The recipient can use the SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card code to pay for the order even if the amount of the voucher is not sufficient to cover the entire expense, paying the difference with one of the available payment methods.

The recipient can use the code of the SVB Jewellery Digital Gift Card until the relative credit runs out. The beneficiary can check the status and amount of the SVB Jewellery digital Gift Cards he/she has received by logging into his account on the website once registered.


The digital gift card is valid for 1 year.