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discover jewellery power.

I am a Rome based jewellery brand known for my meaningful hand-forged and personalized jewellery. I have always believed in craftsmanship and my positive energy; my intent is to transmit this energy and love into every single jewel.







Simone Vera Bath

Simone is from Berlin and she’s inspired by symbols derived from her personal iconography.

Her creation have a medieval look with a very contemporary touch.

Simone loves rings in a particular way because they are part of the message that hands communicate.

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Here are some important things you need to know about SVB handcrafted jewellery:

Each piece is unique

You can choose the material with which it is made (silver, bronze, gold and leather) and for some models the color, type of stone and size are customizable as well.

Each creation is made to order, there are no stock.

The processing and shipping times are 10/14 days from receipt of the order, and payment must be made before shipment.

They are designed for both men and women.

They are designed to express yourself, enclose messages, secrets and agreements with yourself or another person, to remember a special moment in our lives and to bring good luck to those who wear them.