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All the work is done right now for you, there is no STOCK, so each piece is unique, so I ask you to have patience for 10 to 14 days including shipping I send with DHL. You can choose the material, the size and the color of the stone, I will tell you which stone it is. The largest stones are topaz, agate, garnets and quartz, the smallest are rubies, brown diamonds, black diamonds ,sapphires, emeralds and aquamarine stones.

The size you can choose through the appropriate tables, even better if you go to a jewelry store near by and you let’s take your measure. It will be even more precise.

All the rings are made for men and women, they are a symbol of expression of themselves, they bring messages,keep secrets and pacts with ourselves or another person, to remember a special moment of our life ,they are created to bring luck to those who is wearing..

Bronze may change when it comes into contact with skin, but doesn’t cause any harm. Legend of the Stones: The precious little stones are Ruby (red) - Emerald (green) - Sapphire (blue) - Aquamarine (light blue) - Black diamond (black) - Brown diamond (brown) - White sapphire (white) - Citrine (yellow )

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